Affordable Wallpaper (all under $100!)

Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I’ve rounded up my favorite affordable wallpaper, all of them are under $100 for a double roll, which, as you know wallpaper can be very pricy!!

I know brands like Lulu+Georgia, Anthropologie etc carry amazing wallpaper, but can be extremely expensive so I refrained from even looking so I didn’t get sad (anyone else relate ha?!).

I’ve had tons of questions lately on how to add warmth and character to your home. I think wallpaper is the quickest way to do so!

Here are my picks -

  1. Albany Floral - $75 for a double roll

Neutral floral wallpaper

2. Willow Leaf -$80 for a double roll

3. Green Plaid - $52 for a double roll

4. Clementine Wallpaper - $62 + 20% off

5. Vine & fruit wallpaper - $62 + 20% off

6. Ship Linen Wallpaper - $62 + 20% off

This one would be SO darling in a little ones room!

7. Blue Terrene Wallpaper - $37 per roll

Seen here in my sons room!

8. Fable Linen Wallpaper - $84 for a double roll

Seen here in my sons room! I would say the picture above is more accurate as far as color - my sons room photographs warmer!

9. Black plaid wallpaper - $63 for a double roll

10. Blue Toile Wallpaper - $60 for a double roll

  1. 11. Jade green Floral Wallpaper - $84 for a double roll

Hope that was helpful! BRB while I go wallpaper my entire house :)

xoxo, Kyla

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