Kitchen Shelf Styling

Updated: May 19, 2021

Source : Pinterest

Source : Pinterest

Open shelves in kitchens have definitely been a hot trend in the last few years and for good reason! They provide an open/airy feel while also serving as a design element for what is normally a purely functional space. As awesome as they are, it is sometimes hard to get the styling just perfect, that's where we come in! We are going to show a few examples of perfectly styled (in our humble opinion) open shelves and show you how to get the look, most likely for WAY less than the actual examples.

  • The first thing I like to start with is my artwork mainly because it is usually the largest piece. Below I've included some beautiful vintage inspired print it yourself artworks (most under $5!)

  • Next is the everyday dish-ware - Glasses, plates, bowls etc. Our Moroccan glasses and coordinating pitcher are PERFECT for open shelves because not only are they functional but they are stunning!

  • Larger serving pieces is the next step i.e serving bowls, cake stands, serving trays, cutting boards. Here is where I like to throw in lots of texture and natural coloring and tones. Our cutting boards make a great addition as their natural wood colorings offer a lot of dimension.

  • Storage - because duh! You always need storage in a kitchen and I LOVE our oat baskets for this. The texture is simply amazing and the fact they come in 4 varying sizes means they can hold just about anything. I also love adding a few lidded canisters for spices, flour etc.

  • Decor - the fun part! I often use cookbooks as a way to display the more decorative pieces to give the shelf some height. I also like to leave this a bit open ended whether you want to incorporate a basil plant, handmade spice pinch bowl or display an eye catching mortar & pestle - the possibilities are endless!

Hope that helped a little bit :) If you end up using any of our tips and tricks please tag us so we can see (@layeredathome). All images are linked below if needed. Have a lovely day!

  1. Vintage Pear Print -$4

  2. Vintage Flower Print - $4

  3. Farmhouse Vintage Print - $4

  4. White Everyday Bowls - $36.95/set of 8

  5. White Dinner Plates - $5.95/ea

  6. Moroccan Tumblers - starting at $7.50

  7. White Everyday Mugs - $4.95/ea

  8. Speckled small plate - $9.99/ea - I love the character these add to a shelf

  9. Black Porcelain plate - $3.99/ea

  10. Mango wood bowls - $5.99/ea

  11. Large Ceramic Serving Bowl - $29.99

  12. Brass tray - $12.99

  13. Brass cake stand - $29.99

  14. Wood Cutting Board - $60

  15. White Jug - $15

  16. white serving bowl - $6

  17. White Ceramic Canisters - $25/set of 2

  18. Oat Storage Baskets - starting at $16

  19. Beldi Storage Basket - $14

  20. Copper Canisters - $65/set of 4

  21. Faux Vine - $6.99

  22. Magnolia Cookbook

  23. Sunday Suppers Cookbook

  24. Mortar & Pestle - $22

  25. Ceramic Pinch Bowl - $17

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