Large Vintage Turkish Rugs under $300

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Turkish Rugs have been around a LONG time, thousands of year, but thanks to their intricate details, amazing colors and texture they are back by popular demand. I will admit I legitimately have one in every single room in my house, even the bathrooms. But it's because they can seriously transform ANY room!

I've rounded up my favorite rugs from Etsy, which I have found is one of the best sites to find a Turkish Rug for your home. The only downside is there is literally thousands to chose from, and finding exactly what you want takes a lot of time and patience, that's hopefully where I can help :)

A few tricks I've learned in my many years searching on Etsy is to

  • Narrow down by price first and then size - Figure out what you're willing to spend and then start narrowing it down by roughly the size you are looking for

  • Probably my most useful tip is the fact that you can TOTALLY NEGOTIATE THE PRICE (depending on the seller of course). In other countries it is totally normal and acceptable to negotiate the price. Every single rug I've bought I have negotiated down at least $100, so don't be afraid to message the seller and ask if they're wiling to come down, more often than not they will say yes

  • Turkish Rugs often do not come in standard sizes so keep in mind you can layer it over a more neutral rug if you find one you love but isn't quite the right sizing

Links to the rugs are located in the name!!

Here are my current favorites -

1. Rug #1 - 5.6ft x 9.5ft - $158 - say what?!

2. Rug#2 - 6.5 x 10.4ft - $210

3. Rug #3 - 6.6ft x 9.7ft - $155

4. Rug #4 - 5.8ft x 9.4 ft - $140

5. Rug #5 - 5ft x 8.5ft - $120

i am CRAZY about this one!!! Such a stunning design and coloring.

6. Rug #6 - 6ft x 9.8ft - $135

7. Rug #7 - 5.8ft x 9.3ft - $140

8. Rug #8 - 6.7ft x 10.1ft - $299

9. Rug #9 - 6.4ft x 10ft - $299

Such serious stunners that could fit in any bedroom, living room or really anywhere your heart desires!

As always, xoxo Kyla

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