Unique Sconces under $100!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Photo: Layered at Home

I'm going to keep this short and sweet! After searching for a LONG time I finally found some sconces that 1. were amazing 2. affordable 3. I didn't have to wait weeks and weeks to get. So here they are - all from Amazon and all look high-end without the high price tag.

Sconce #1 - $59.99

Sconce #2 - $97.89 - comes in other colors too!

Sconce #3 - $107 technically over $100 but way too cute to skip over

Sconce #4 - $95.23

Sconce #5 - $72.12

Sconce #6 - $89.30

Sconce #7 - $65.99

Sconce #8 - $69.99 - I personally would do a round white bulb with this one for a more modern look

Sconce #9 - $68.50 - this one comes in quite a few colors too. Also I would again use a round white bulb for a more modern look!

Of course, here is the link to the sconces in my bedroom (picture at the very top!) They're such a beautiful light, you wouldn't believe it is only $50!

Sconce #10

Hope that helps anyone looking for some new sconces for their house, I have a feeling I will be ordering #3 sometime in the near future :) Happy Shopping!

xo, Kyla Ford

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